Sunday, March 18, 2012

Iced Green Tea

Since today is such a beautiful day, I have decided to work on my paper outside in the sun.

I've made this blog post for a few different reasons:

1) To declare my love for green tea.
2) To make it known that I wont be posting anything for the next couple days due to this ridiculous paper that I have due on Tuesday.
3) To procrastinate writing my paper.....

Even though this paper is seriously the death of me, being able to sit outside, enjoy the weather, and have some iced tea makes it slightly less painful. Today I have made some iced green tea with lemon. I am also a fan of pomegranate flavored green tea and blueberry flavored green tea. The blueberry one is especially delicious because it tastes like blueberry pie. Yum!

Green tea is suppose to have amazing health benefits. According to WebMD, green tea has been linked to fighting off cancer and heart disease, preventing diabetes and stroke, and delaying the onset of dementia. Not to mention it can also burn fat and lower your cholesterol. So my advice? Try it. It tastes pretty delicious too!!
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