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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lottery Ticket and Liquor Birthday Bouquet

I was on the fence whether or not to post this. First, the picture isn't the best quality, and second, I made this literally 4 months ago (around the same time that I disappeared from the blogging world whooooops.....).  I figured I would post this anyways because one..I LOVE IT and two...these posts seem to be very popular. It's really such a great DIY gift. I made something similar for my brother's 21st birthday three years ago and it remains one of my most popular blog posts yet. You can see that here. I had so much fun making this birthday gift. I love making bouquets/baskets (or whatever you call it) for birthdays or other special events because you can personalize it and decorate it based on the their favorite things. It also looks so darn good.

What you'll need:
  1. Some type of pot or can
  2. Styrofoam ball or block to fit in can 
  3. Wooden skewers 
  4. Tape
  5. Lottery Tickets, Liquor, Decorations (your choice!)
It is really quite easy to assemble! Place the styrofoam ball or block into the can. You can cut around the edges to ensure that it fits. Tape the lottery tickets and liquor bottles to the skewers. Stick the skewers into the styrofoam, arranging it so that small items are in the front and large items are in the back. Decorate around the bouquet with ribbons and other decorations.



  1. Like your birthday present idea very much. Once I had presented my friend with the online lottery tickets, see TheLotter review. Still this looks much better. Carry on!

    1. Thumb up! thelotter review you mention is also not bad but as you say it is different.

  2. One day they will put you on a list of look at here famous people born on your birthday. For the time being, be happy being on my list of favorite people. Happy Birthday.

  3. Great idea. I was thinking about some hand-made present for my girlfriend's birthday. She is not indifferent for French Lotto results. So it will do (but for the liquor which I'll substitute by some sweets)!

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