Sunday, August 9, 2020

Farm Baby Shower - Bumble Bee Diaper Cake & Bloody Mary Bar

One of my very best friends is expecting soon and her family hosted the most beautiful farm baby shower. It was picture perfect with picnic tables, farm flowers, and hay bales. I wanted to share some pictures for inspiration. I was especially fond of the Bloody Mary Bar which they planned so well!

The bloody mary bar was definitely a hit. I love how they put everything in mason jars and on ice to keep things cold. There were so many options. You could really make your favorite bloody mary! The bacon was definitely the best part! It was candied smoked bacon and was absolutely amazing!!! Some other things to put on your bloody mary bar: steak sauce, variety of hot sauces, horseradish (I always put extra of this), black pepper, lemon and lime wedges, variety of olives, shrimp, pepperoncini peppers, pickles, cheese, and celery! Your guests can have fun putting together their own cocktail.

I put together a bumble bee themed diaper cake. We purchased some bumble bee baby items like a bumble bee plush toy, blankets, and Burts Bees lotions. I also added some ribbon and sunflowers to decorate. The burlap ribbon gave it a special touch.

To make the diaper cake -

1. Either cut a big round from cardboard or purchase a cake round from the craft store. This will be your base. Cover the base with your favorite pattern.

2. Take individual diapers and roll them together. Place an elastic around each diaper roll.

3. Follow these directions to construct the actual diaper cake:

4. Then, wrap each layer of the diaper cake with the bumble bee towels. To keep the towels in place, wrap each layer with burlap ribbon and/or yellow ribbon. 

5. Then, decorate it! Place the plush toy on top to act as a topper. Then, place the flowers and Burts Bees products here and there. It was super fun to make!

I hope this post serves as inspiration for you! It was such a cute theme!

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