Sunday, April 28, 2013

DIY Bridal Shower Decorations

Hi! I'm back! Its hard to imagine that there was snow on the ground the last time I wrote a post! I am loving that its finally spring season. I can't believe that I'm finally preparing for graduation and summer!

Spring and summer brings about wedding season. I had so much fun planning a bridal shower for my friend Ann who is getting married in May. 

I put together a lot of diy decorations and they came out great. Even though the decorations were diy and cost efficient, they still came out beautiful!

The banner below was the only decoration that we didn't make ourselves. How cute is it?! You can buy it and personalize it from ABannerAffair on Etsy

In the background, you can see that we hung white and pink pom poms around the room. Our color scheme was white and pink.
These pom poms really added great color to the space. For a tutorial on making the pom poms, I would suggest watching this video on YouTube. These pom poms are very time consuming to put together so make sure you have lots of help!!
The centerpieces were my favorite! They looked so classy and elegant. To make the centerpieces, you need stones or pebbles, fake flowers, vases, and floating candles. We picked white and pink flowers to keep with the color scheme. Since the vases are filled with water, you can't even tell that the flowers are fake! To make the centerpieces, fill the bottom of each vase with stones. Make sure the flower stems are secured to the bottom of the stones so that the flowers do not float to the top. Fill the vases with water, and place a floating candle on top.
We also made homemade favors. Each guest received lemon sugar hand scrub. To make 4-5 mason jars I used 7 cups sugar, 3/4 cup coconut oil, and lemon juice and zest from one lemon. I made the personalized tags on Photoshop and tied a pink ribbon around each mason jar. You can purchase these adorable gift tags from Pearly Printables on Etsy. For a low price, you can purchase fully customized gift tags and print out as many gift tags as you need!

We also made these adorable cupcake toppers which can be purchased from Pearly Printables as well!

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