Friday, August 10, 2012

The quest to find the best burger EVER
I haven't been blogging for that long, so when I find out someone I know has a blog I get REALLY excited. This happened not too long ago when I found out one of the girls I work with, Victoria, has a blog dedicated to burgers. I could barely control my excitement. The blog is called 3 Girls 100 Burgers. I'll let Victoria and her fellow burger eaters introduce themselves and describe the blog below. The blog is definitely worth checking out. It is incredibly funny and witty, and they have a great taste in burgers if I do say so myself!!

 3 Girls 100 Burgers
Life can be challenging when you have the extravagant food preferences of Suri Cruise, but the income of 2012 Lindsay Lohan. But just because we make less in a week than a homeless panhandler, that doesn't mean we shouldn't eat like royalty. We love food. We love America. Mix those 2 together and not only do you get the 4th of July (our favorite holiday), but you also get 3girls100burgers. Seeing as we are all fans of beef products and bald eagles, we decided to join forces, spend our chump change, risk the potential 20 pound weight gain and embark on the burger tour. Sacrificing our wallets and bodies for our fellow Americans, we have set out to find the best burger. The best bang for your buck. The be all, end all burger.

Side note: You're probably wondering who 'we' is by this point...we're Victoria, Emily and Shannon, three girls from a small suburban town in Massachusetts. We all attend private and rigorous institutions so clearly we have tons of time to eat, blog and eat some more. But actually. While some spend their summers traveling the world, we prefer to travel the world of chain restaurants. Oh yeah we also have overflowing college bank accounts so funding this tour hasn't really been a problem....NOT.

The burger tour consists of a variety of steps. First, we have to decide on a time and place to meet up and indulge. It's difficult seeing as Shannon works the graveyard shift aiding to the senile elderly and drug addicts, Emily works a "demanding" 9-5 schedule and is always running some sort of athletic race and Victoria usually tries to balance 3 jobs (one of them being a plant watering gig which she stole from Shannon after she managed to kill an entire garden last summer; they are no longer speaking).

The second step is the actual experience and eating part. Being grateful we don't live in a third world country, we have no problem taking burgers to our faces. Now it's important to note that during this time we are absolutely judging. How nice is the wait staff? Who are the creatures dining around us? What are our burger options? Can we even read the menus due to the immense amounts of neon lighting? Yanno, the usual.

The third, final step in the burger tour happens post restaurant trip. We collectively blog where we work to include all our thoughts and share our experiences. We write up a little somethin somethin that includes a general pros/cons list, a blurb regarding our experience, some glamorous and undoubtedly flattering pictures (if we even remember to do so, sometimes our hunger sidetracks us), and a rating system. The rating system includes the following categories (on a scale from 1-10): Price (too expensive-1, fairly priced-10), Service, Sides, Size, Presentation, Menu Choice, Deliciousness!/Flavor, Time to Get Food after Ordering, How Much Do I Feel Like I Have to Vomit After Eating (yes-1, no-10), Bang for your Buck. It's important to note that we rate restaurants based on our overall experiences, not just on the flavor of our food. Some may call us harsh and insensitive, but we prefer honest. We keep a running list of all of our ratings in hopes of producing the name of the best place to grab a hunk of grade A all American beef.
So far Five Guys Burgers and Fries is our number 1 with a total score of 84/100. Five Guys is affordable, delicious and most importantly, has a state of the art soda machine. Make sure to find your local Five Guys and pay them a visit! Make sure to let us know what you think via!
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