Friday, May 25, 2012

Las Vegas Trip

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! This past week my boyfriend and I took a much needed vacation to Las Vegas. It was our second time there, and we had an even better time than the first! There are just so many fun things to do (and more importantly places to eat!) that we always run out of time.

We stayed at the Mirage and absolutely loved it. We had such a great view of the strip and the mountains from our room!
The pool area at the mirage was beautiful as well. It made you feel as if you were in a tropical paradise. I loved all the tropical drinks I had at the pool including the tequila sunrise shown below!
 There was also a great frozen yogurt and crepe place at the Mirage. I ordered a couple crepes there and brought it to the pool for breakfast. The first picture is of "The Elvis" which has banana, peanut butter, and honey. The second crepe (which I can't remember the name of) has nutella and banana (my fave!).
If you are as obsessed with nachos as I am then you have to try the Volcano Nachos at Margaritaville. They are the best nachos I've ever had! Not to mention they are HUGE. We split these for dinner one night and couldn't even finish them!
One of my favorite places on the strip is called First Food and Bar in the Palazzo. They have really unique and fun dishes. My favorite is the doritos mac and cheese which is pictured below. Not only does it have a doritos crushed topping but it has doritos seasoning mixed in with the cheese. It is unbelievably good!
 A fun place to go spend some time is the world of coca cola. It is located right on the strip. Upstairs they have a small cafeteria where you can try all of the coca cola products, even international ones! We tried the float sample. They give you a sample of 8 floats. My personal favorite was the float made with fanta strawberry. It tasted like strawberry cream..yum!! The fanta orange and mello yellow was delicious as well.
The best place I think we ate this entire trip was Hash House a go go which I saw on Man Vs Food. The restaurant is now located in Imperial Plaza Hotel, right on the strip! Hash House a go go is known for their twisted farm food and mammoth food proportions. Seriously, go to this place hungry! I got the Fried Chicken Eggs Benedict which was featured on Man vs Food. The dish is fried chicken with fresh spinach, bacon, tomato, griddled mozzarella, chipotle cream and scrambled eggs on top of biscuit and mashed potato. It is INSANE! I have to admit the dish was pretty delicious espeically the fried chicken which was crispy and moist inside. The chipotle cream on top completely made the dish! The picture really doesn't do it justice. If you want to see them make it on Man Vs Food check out this video.
I hope you enjoyed this post. We had such a fun trip and I honestly can't wait to go again!!
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