Friday, August 29, 2014

My Blog Was Stolen!!!

Yes, you read it right. My blog was stolen! It has been a frustrating summer trying to figure out what happened and if I could get my blog back. After I realized that I couldn't, I began the process of transferring EVERYTHING from my old blog to this new domain.

The cliff notes version of the story is that my blog domain name went up for sale in June. I was unaware that my credit card to automatically renew the domain was incorrect and someone bought the domain name right from underneath my nose. They then wanted me to pay $500 to buy it back!!! Um no thanks! I'd rather go on a shopping spree at JCrew. Sooooo I've transferred everything to This is our new home.

The feeling of starting over has definitely been hard after I've put so much work into this blog and I finally felt like it was going somewhere!! This is a new beginning though and I have hope that it won't take long to get back to where we were before! Thanks for being patient!! New exciting posts to come soon!

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