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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Sometimes taking a step back and perfecting the basics makes all the difference. This recipe will help you achieve the perfect yellow yoke for a hard boiled egg. It will help you avoid that grey/greenish ring that can appear around the outside.

Hard boiled eggs are yummy to eat on their own, perfect on a salad, or can be used for egg salad or deviled eggs!

I like to sprinkle some paprika on hard boiled eggs for some color.
  • Place eggs in a sauce pan in a single layer.
  • Add cold water to cover eggs by about an inch.
  • Heat on high heat to boil.
  • Remove from burner
  • Cover pan.
  • Let eggs sit in water for 12 minutes (for large eggs)
  • Drain, and serve warm, or place in iced water (or in the fridge) to cool. 


  1. Hi Lauren!
    Stopping by from the SITS tribe! Can’t wait to get to know you and your blog a little better throughout the week.

    I make hard boiled eggs at least once a month and love to make them into deviled eggs. They are my hubby's number one go to food for a pot luck at work.

  2. Lauren,
    Hi there! That is "eggsactly" how I recommend cooking hard boiled eggs as well. Even my kids know that if they see a green ring around a cooked yolk that it is over cooked! I'm part of the SITS girls group as well and look forward to getting to know you and your food!

  3. You are so correct about stepping back sometimes. I love to watch cooking contests and it find it interesting that they often choose making the perfect egg as one of the things they have to do.

    I am here from the SITS girls tribe and I am excited to get to know you and your blog better!

    1. i love watching cooking contests as well!! thanks for coming by!

  4. Hi Lauren!
    I love the pictures of these eggs. I have to try this, as I usualy just boil the eggs for aprox 10 minutes.
    I`m in from the SITS tribe by the way :)

  5. Found you on SITS and funny I have such trouble with hard boiled eggs! I actually found some in the supermarket already done and peeled. That is really the best for me! Hope you have a GREAT week!!

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