Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beach Essentials

Every summer I have a set of essentials that I bring/wear to the beach.
Since summer has finally arrived, I decided it would be a perfect time to share with you some of my beach favorites.
 I've tried to pick out some basic/neutral items that could be worn with any bathing suit or cover up.

While I don't like to wear all my jewelry to the beach, I do like to at least wear earrings. These Tory Burch earrings are simple enough to be worn to the beach, but will still make a statement.
I love the white and gold together.

The gold earrings will match perfectly with this Tory Burch tote! How pretty is it?!
Right now its on sale too!


I already have these Jcrew flip flops and wear them almost every day.
I love how nautical they are! They are perfect for the beach.

I ALWAYS bring sunglasses and a hat to the beach to protect myself from the sun.
I picked out this vineyard vines hat in navy blue to match my sandals of course!

I'm currently saving up for these Rayban sunglasses.
These sunglasses are definitely number one on my wish list right now.
I just love the tortoise frame!

How could you go wrong with a monogrammed drink cup? You can find this cup as well as other fabulous monogrammed items at Etsy.

A colorful beach towel is a no brainer!
Vera Bradley's patterns make beautiful beach towels.
Beach Towel

I usually don't wear much makeup to the beach...maybe just a little concealer and waterproof mascara.
I do LOVE sugar lip balm though.
It will keep your lips so smooth despite all the sand and salt that you are exposed to at the beach.
I love the sugar lip balm in rose because it also gives your lips a little color as well!
Just a side note, sugar lip balm melts VERY easily so if you are considering bringing it to the beach, I would keep it somewhere cool.
Lip balm

Finally, you have to have bright and colorful nails.
I'm obsessed with this color from Essie: In the Cab-Ana
And yes, sometimes I do pick out my nail polish just from the name.
Nail Polish

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