Friday, March 30, 2012

Foodie Penpals

I'm super excited to write this post and tell you all about Foodie Penpals. This was my first month participating and I absolutely loved it. Foodie Penpals is organized by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean. Every month, Lindsay sends you the name of someone and you send them a package of food. In return, another person sends you a package as well. Not only is it a great way to connect with other food bloggers and readers, but you also get to try new and different foods from all over the country. To sign up or find more out about the program, click here.

For the month of March, Emily from Ultra Epicure sent me a package. I was so excited when it arrived! Emily sent me some goods from the farmers market and a couple of her favorites from Trader Joes. I was blown away by how delicious everything tasted!!

I'll start off with my favorite item, the cinnamon pistachio biscotti bites. I'm a little embarrassed to say that it only took me a couple days to finish them. They were absolutely amazing!!

Emily named these the best biscottis I'd ever eat and she was right!! These cinnamon cookies were sweet and crunchy with soft pistachios baked inside and they were crusted with sugar. I am completely going to miss these!

Next, Emily sent me almond-cumin shortbread. The buttery cookies were fantastic. They were buttery and savory with a hint of sweetness to them. You could definitely taste the cumin which was a bit unexpected but totally delicious!! Emily suggested having them with chocolate and I agree!! YUM!

Next came the chocolate truffles. Each truffle was a different flavor: rum raisin, caramel, mocha, rum, kirsh and cognac. My favorite ones were crusted in sugar (of course). They were made by a french man (how fancy!!) and were completely amazing!!

 Finally Emily sent me some limp balm and some tea. She must be able to read my mind because I could live off of these two things alone!

The lip balm is made with cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, honey and stevia.

And the tea is ginger pear white tea from Trader Joes. I was happily surprised to see this tea as I LOVE this flavor.  I've been drinking it iced and its delicious!

I can't thank Emily enough for the effort she put into my package. I loved each and every item! It was such a great experience and I already can't wait until next month!!

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