Friday, March 2, 2012

Chocolat Rouge

Boy oh boy..this find might be a little bit dangerous. I was in the liquor store last week getting the ingredients for the sweet tart shot, and the store was giving out samples of this wine. I usually don't go for samples, but when I heard the words chocolate and wine in the same sentence I stopped in my tracks.

Chocolat Rouge is a sweet red wine that tastes EXACTLY like chocolate. The lady giving out the samples at the store described it as tasting like a chocolate covered cherry, and I couldn't describe it any better.

What I love most about this wine is that it still tastes like a red wine even with the chocolate flavor. The other chocolate wines that I have had like           Choco Vine tastes and looks more like a chocolate liquor than a wine. Choco Vine is great, but how many mudslides can you possible have? Choco Rouge, on the other hand, can be drank as an actual wine. I would recommend it especially as a dessert wine. If you are a chocolate lover you will be hooked. I'm warning you!

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