Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Cook Collection by MAC Cosmetics

Packaging for the nail polish
Finally, my two loves have come together: makeup and food! A new collection created by MAC Cosmetics is called "Cook" and it is inspired by all things in the kitchen. The collection includes liquid eye liner, mascara, lip balm, pressed powder, nailpolish, and makeup brushes. Most products have names that are related to food. Even the packaging comes in cute picnic-like patterns.

'Salad Dressed' with purple dots
Unfortunately, by the time I realized this collection existed, most of the products were already sold out. I was lucky enough to buy two nail polishes from the collection,
 'Al Fredo' and 'Salad Dressed' (yes! those are the names of the nail polishes!). 'Al Fredo' is the yellow nail polish seen below and 'Salad Dressed' is the blueish green color seen to the right. Even though they are gorgeous colors, I believe the most appealing aspects of these products are their names. I mean, how could a makeup loving foodie resist? If you are a food and makeup lover like myself, check out the cook collection at MAC Cosmetics.
'Al Fredo'

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