Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beer anyone?

There is nothing like having a nice cold seasonal beer. My favorite of this season is Shipyard Applehead. For those of you that are a fan of Shipyard Pumpkinhead, I am sure that you will love this one as well. Pumpkinhead is Shipyard's fall beer and can be seen in stores starting in late August through December. It is a light cinnamon beer that has a hint of pumpkin.

Applehead is Shipyard's new winter beer and can now be found in stores in place of Pumpkinhead. I am not going to lie, Pumpkinhead may have the slight advantage here. It seems to me that Applehead has very similar flavors to Pumpkinhead with a much duller taste. It also does not taste much like an apple. Nevertheless, when stores are out of Pumpkinhead and I am craving for it, Applehead seems to do the trick.

 It is common to serve both Pumpkinhead and Applehead in glasses rimmed with cinnamon and sugar. This is one of my favorite parts of the drink! To create the rim, take two bowls, one lined with water and one lined with equal parts of cinnamon and sugar. First dip the glass in the water, then dip it in the bowl of cinnamon and sugar. To fill the glass, make sure you hold the glass at an angle otherwise the beer bubbles will over fill and wash away the cinnamon sugar rim.

While I was at the store picking up Applehead, I also happened to look down the IPA aisle and picked up the beer pictured here called Sneaky Pete. IPA's are craft beers that have become very popular among beer lovers. I am not going to lie, IPA's are not my favorite. Sneaky Pete is no exception, and is too dark and bitter for my taste. (The fact that I don't like this beer doesn't say much because I am not much of a beer drinker). The upside to this beer in particular is that it contains 10% alcohol by volume which is twice as much as the average beer. I was drawn to this beer especially because of the picture (which is really the only reason why I go down the IPA aisle--to look at the creative names and pictures of the beers). I myself have a boston terrier so Sneaky Pete was just too cute to resist. Sneaky Pete is made by Laughing Dog Brewery and if you are a dog lover like myself I highly recommend you check them out!!
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